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Author Topic: dvd's for sale  (Read 1752 times)


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dvd's for sale
« on: 23 Nov 2011 - 19:27 »

hello i live in new york city and have these dvd's for sale
house on the edge of the park ec entertainment 20.00
island of death cine club 20.00
voices from beyond ec entertainment 20.00
massacre ec entertainment 20.00
the church anchor bay 15.00
the reincarnation of isabel redemptation 15.00
zombi 3 shriek show 15.00
hell of the living dead anchor bay 15.00
zombie blue underground 15.00
nightmare city anchor bay 15.00
curse of the devil anchor bay 15.00
demons anchor bay 15.00
dario argento's opera 2 disc set anchor bay 20.00
orloff and the invisible man image entertainment 15.00
jungle holocaust shriek show 15.00
cannibal terror severin films 15.00
zombie holocaust shriek show 15.00
black demons shriek show 15.00
la noche de walpurgis divisa 10.00
the kong collection 2 disc box set(retromedia,queen kong,kong island,12.00)
mill of stone women new entertainment world,in hardbox 20.00
school girl killer x rated kult dvd in hardbox 20.00
demons 3 the ogre shriek show 15.00
slave of the cannibal god diamond entertainment 5.00
the new york ripper another world entertainment 15.00
the murder secret ec entertainment 15.00
bloody moon european shock 15.00
beyond the darkness italian shock 15.00
womens camp 119 dvd network 10.00
hell penitentiary avenue entertainment 10.00
cat in the brain raro video 20.00
star odyssey pc treasures inc 2.00
choking hazard media blasters 10.00
nightmare city italian shock 20.00
hell's gate ec entertainment 20.00
sodoma's ghost ec entertainment 20.00
ratman shameless screen entertainment 20.00
panic in year zero/the last man on earth mgm midnite movies double feature 6.00
creation of the humanoids/war between the planets dark sky films double feature 6.00
laserblast cult video 5.00
witchfinder general slam dunk media 12.00
soul vengeance xenon pictures 6.00
phantasm anchor bay 6.00
the double d avenger william winckler productions 5.00
cinderella 2000 retromedia 5.00
black shampoo vci entertainment 5.00
vice academy collection  vol 1 2 disc box set bci entertainment 6.00
vice academy collection vol 2 2 disc box set bci entertainment 6.00
toxie's triple terror vol 3 3 disc set brentwood entertainment 5.00
the adventures of robin hood  collection 1950's tv show 39 episodes on 4 dvd's in big tin box pop flix 7.00
golden temple amazons shriek show 10.00
the new barbarians shriek show 10.00
supersonic man/war of the robots double feature vci entertainment 6.00
conquest blue underground 12.00
rats anchor bay 10.00
cut and run anchor bay 12.00
kill rommel universe laser and video 10.00
hell in the aegean universe laser and video 10.00
five for hell triple x film 12.00
casablanca express double d 3.00
the last hunter vipco 15.00
codename wildgeese elite dvd 20.00
tough to kill ventura 6.00
man hunt avenue entertainment 6.00
final justice dvd ltd. 5.00
sahara cross new entertainment world 20.00
jerry cotton broadways deadly gold 12.00
jerry cotton the body in central park 12.00
jerry cotton death and diamonds 12.00
jerry cotton murder club in brooklyn kinowelt 12.00
i would like to sell these maybe as a set,as someone was going to buy them and i wrapped them up and the guy ended up not paying.i will also acept best offers on these.my email is snowflake1966@aol.com
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