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Author Topic: Looking for a film title.  (Read 2441 times)


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Looking for a film title.
« on: 12 Dec 2011 - 11:52 »

Okay this is not going to be easy but one never knows whether or not someone has come across this blast from my past.  Many years ago, (I am talking in the 1970's), there was a big push in Canada to bring in European films both in the cinema, (in fact the very first multiplex in Canada was designed to present European films that would otherwise never be seen), but also on television as that decade saw the beginning of the proliferation of new television stations and in turn it was necessary to find material that could be broadcasted since these stations did not have access to the network movies of the week that had become a staple of ABC, NBC and CBS during the late 1960's to 1970's.  As such these networks sought out films from Europe for two reasons:

1.  They had never been seen in North America and so the station could announced that this was a North American premiere.

2.  Quite of often there would be some small amount of gratuitous nudity and Canada unlike the US was not typically all that worried about a topless woman but the mainstream network stations were replaying US signals so they had nothing to compete with it.

So there were a few films I saw during those years on late night independent television that were a bit racy or a bit more violent than the norm.  One film I came in late for and I never got to see the end of it and it was never shown again, (usually these films ran two or three times), and for some reason it has always annoyed me that I never got to watch the entire film.  I am not entirely certain that the film was particularly good or bad for that matter but it is annoying to think I never complete that cycle.

Anyway here come the WORST clues ever for identifying a film because I didn't get to see it all and it must be like 35 years since I saw it.

It was probably a French film, all these films were dubbed.. poorly, but that said I cannot be certain that it was not Italian but from what I recall of the vehicles and the style it felt French.  I am going to say no later than 1977.

Clearly it was a crime film or at least a film involving one bad gang in some sort of a battle with either the police or a good gang. 

The girlfriend of the main "good guy", (very attractive tall slim woman), has somehow infiltrated the bad guy gang and near the 2/3 mark is discovered for her deceit and is killed by the bad guys.

Okay so far I admit not a lot of information here but here is why this film stays in my mind.

There is this scene where a woman is run off the road by the bad guys and there is this scene that seems to go on forever, (probably no more than 10 seconds), where she drives uncontrollably down a hill desperately trying to avoid trees and rocks etc. and it seemed to go on forever and then just when you think she might make it she crashes into this huge tree near the bottom of the hill... again another death.  You view this scene from her 1st person perspective.

I don't think I would particularly remember this film except for that scene which for some reason has stayed in my mind.  Maybe I just want to know that the bad guys get theirs in the end for the deaths of these women.

I realize that this is nothing much to go on but maybe someone remembers that driving scene.

Thanks in advance and cheers!  :)



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Re: Looking for a film title.
« Reply #1 on: 12 Dec 2011 - 12:20 »

Rings a bell but I just can't place it.

Anyone else?
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