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Author Topic: Break / Break, No Mercy Just Pain (Matthias Olof Eich, 2009)  (Read 3029 times)

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Released on DVD this week by Trinity X in the UK (and not yet available in the US), Break was made and filmed in Germany with an all German cast, but is set, like all good redneck slasher films, in an American forest. This pretty much sums up the film as a whole, going down the traditional route at all times rather than trying anything new eg. setting the film in Bavaria. Similarly, of the two hunters, one is a traditional inbred redneck retard while the other seems to be a completely rational animal hunter, just tracking young women instead, yet the film never really explores this rather different idea.

The gore scenes are very realistic and bloody, but aside from an excellent twist on the "arrow in the eye" the gore is relatively underplayed, the "highlight" is a rape sequence which the BBFC have decided is too harmful to the good people of Britain, cutting out a whole 53 seconds, I am awaiting a reply to an e-mail to find out if these were simply cut or substituted as the scene that remains is still pretty vivid and running a minute longer it would have been impressively sickening. The German retail DVD is apparently cut considerably more, an uncut version is available on DVD and BR from a few non-German based retailers (eg. shop.dtm.at) with some extra features although the cost of these sets is quite a bit more, the UK disc is only £7 at the moment and I would probably recommend picking this up cheap or just renting if you fancy giving it a watch.

My full review of Break, No Mercy Just Pain.
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