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Dr. Jekyll and His Women/Docteur Jekyll et les femmes (Walerian Borowczyk, 1981)

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Mark GW:
I really love this.  A truly demented film. The Luminous DVD-R of this which is the longest version I've seen.  It seems to be a French print which has been over dubbed into English for the dialogue scenes, apart from a couple of instances, during the examination of the murdered young girl by Howard Vernon and the scene with Hyde shafting the general's daughter, where the dialogue is partly in Italian and so the original source was probably an Italian Language version of a French print.  I also have a copy of the Dutch tape, which is in English Language and runs a little shorter than the Luminous version.

Wasn't Cult Epics supposed to be working on a DVD release of this?

Vito Cipriani:
Count me in as a big fan of this film too. It's dark and perverse. I'd love to see it on DVD.

I've got a couple of versions of this film including a DVD-R of the Dutch tape and the UK VTS VHS release. Isn't the longest version supposed to be the Japanese VHS release, which suffers from optical censorship (ie, fogging) in a couple of scenes?

Does anyone have a list of the different edits of this film?

Inspector Tanzi:
I've only ever seen the heavily cut Bloodbath of Dr.Jeckyll version on VTC.

I've got an uncut composite that Marc did ages ago.

Inspector Tanzi:

--- Quote from: Jonny on 11 May 2012 - 19:42 ---I've got an uncut composite that Marc did ages ago.

--- End quote ---
Can you bring me one when you come down please?


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