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Author Topic: A Dario Argento poster!  (Read 12809 times)


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A Dario Argento poster!
« Reply #30 on: 27 Aug 2012 - 22:14 »

I remember he was happily signing just about anything at The Stendhal Syndrome screening at the NFT years ago... I was far too stoned and couldn't be bothered to queue up so I went in to watch the film instead, I think people were laughing at the abysmal dubbing within the first five or ten minutes and I realised I was in for a train wreck of a film. At least the weed was (surprisingly) good.


I was there too. He signed some stuff for me.
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Re: A Dario Argento poster!
« Reply #31 on: 27 Aug 2012 - 22:16 »

Really? Not what they said
I heard it, can't confirm it.

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Re: A Dario Argento poster!
« Reply #32 on: 28 Aug 2012 - 18:24 »

I'm not a fan of the blackmail,"buy the book,to get the signature" BS seen at this event, usually at similar events it would be, buy the book and get one other item signed, i don't think they would've pissed off so many people then, also i'm more than a little annoyed that it's not even a new book, just 20-30 pages more on Argento's later career [oh how i can't wait to read that.....groan !].I very nearly didn't bother but talking to someone i found out there was a small possibility of getting a poster signed by joining the back of the queue, and seeing as i had a fav with me and wasn't really doing much else that day, i thought what the hell, still had to buy the book mind ! When i got to the front i was told 'the book or the poster' for the signature.......think i made the right choice lol !

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