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lovelockandload Exclusive! Ray Lovelock interview - We need your help!

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We have the opportunity to do an on camera interview with Ray Lovelock, hopefully at the end of October. He's agreed to give an afternoon of his time and do a career spanning interview.

To make this happen we need to pay for his time and cover expenses so we've come up with this plan to hopefully fund it all through the support of the members of this forum.

The target is £500.

So what we're offering is in return for an investment of £20 you'll receive a copy of the finished interview on DVD-R that will come with bespoke cover art individually numbered and signed by Ray.

As the target is £500 there will be just 25 of these signed DVD-Rs up for grabs.

If you want to commit to paying the £20 please say so in this thread. Once 25 people have stated their intention to commit to this project then that's it. There won't be anymore.

Once the DVD-R is ready and sent out to the investors it is up to them if they want to share a copy with whomever they see fit. We don't mind it eventually being passed around as we want this to be funded by fans for fans and have no intention of limiting it to the initial 25 investors.

Thanks to DjangoLi whose idea all of this is and for putting in all the legwork, tracking down contact details for Ray and eventually getting in touch with him.

If you're in then please post in this thread and get your name down.


I'm posting on these guy's behalf...

Kevin Coed
Inspector Tanzi

20 left

Sounds great! Count me in Jonny.

Count me in too please!

Color me Blood Red and count me in, Jonny. Do you want me to have a bash at a DVD sleeve design?


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