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Inspector Tanzi:

Watched the first couple of episodes, enjoying it so far.

Starring John Woodvine, one of Britain’s most distinguished stage and screen actors, this LWT police drama series presents a grippingly authentic portrayal of detective work in London during the rapidly changing 1970s. Executive-produced by Rex Firkin, this first series also featured ex-Chief Superintendent Frank Williams (former head of the Yard’s Murder Squad) as advisor and scripts by Gangsters creator Philip Martin and Robert Banks Stewart.The focus is on Detective Chief Superintendent John Kingdom, of the Central Office of the CID. Having worked his way to the top through a number of Greater London divisions, he knows the force and he knows the villains. With a quiet authority he tackles some of the capital’s most serious, high-profile, and perplexing cases; assisting the workaholic Kingdom is his equally efficient colleague, Detective Inspector Alan Ward.

Vito Cipriani:
Watched this last year. It's a pretty good series which has some of the cynicism of the later 1970s police shows; many of the episodes are quite heavily 'issue-led'. The character of Ward develops in interesting ways towards the end of this series.

Have you seen 'The Come Back' yet? The opening sequence ('Allo, Mr Dobson. You remember me?') is coldly efficient and like something out of one of the German Edgar Wallace adaptations.

Inspector Tanzi:

--- Quote from: Vito Cipriani on 29 Dec 2012 - 00:27 ---Have you seen 'The Come Back' yet?

--- End quote ---
Yes, watched the first ten now, three to go.

Funny enough I was talking to Paul about that episode the other day. It was bugging me throughout that I'd seen the villain from it in things when he's older but couldn't place him, not until it came up as Kenneth Cranham at the end did I realise and think "Oh yeah".

Have they only brought out one series so far? How many episodes are there in the complete series?

Inspector Tanzi:

--- Quote from: Hellochas on 29 Dec 2012 - 07:16 ---Have they only brought out one series so far? How many episodes are there in the complete series?

--- End quote ---

Just the first series so far.

According to the imdb there are 4 series compromising of 12, 13, 13 and 7 episodes.

Don't know if they have the info for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th right but they have an episode missing from the series 1 list which is on the disc entitled "Perfect In Every Way"


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