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Author Topic: The Sexorcist AKA The Eerie Midnight Horror Show (Mario Gariazzo, 1974)  (Read 2919 times)


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Can anyone please tell me what version of this is uncut?

I have a Canadian VHS I bought years ago and of course the grey market DVD put out in the US a few years back.  A friend and I also got a German sourced widescreen VHS version that is in English in a trade.

By the way, I appologize if a thread on this film was already started.  I couldn't find one when I searched.
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A friend and I also got a German sourced widescreen VHS version that is in English in a trade.

That one is a fandub, nice to see it's being traded and not sold by some douchefuck, As to being uncut, compared to the numerous english versions, and the italian version the german vhs print is the longer.
The vhs was originally letterboxed 4:3 , which was converted to avi and cropped to remove black bars. The fandub was missing a second or two due to damage to the tape which i removed, prior to uploading.


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This would be a good title for Camera Obscura, I reckon.

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I've also wondered what the most complete version currently out there is.
As a starting point it would be good to know what footage is generally censored from most prints.
Some running times would also be useful.
I've got the UK Pyramid pre cert tape which is widescreen, good quality and runs for 1:22:44 PAL
There were no obvious jump cuts but I know the print is a censored one.
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