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The 25th Festival of Fantastic Films - 31/10 to 03/11 2014

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Tickets for this 25th anniversary are on sale now for just £25 for the whole event!

Head on over to their Facebook page for booking info...

The £25 price could be for a limited time only so I'd suggest showing your support and booking now. I've gone for it and would love to make this a big 'forum meet' event so why not plan ahead and get your ticket booked?

We've got a year to plan for it!


Guests confirmed so far...

Ruggero Deodato
Robin Stewart
Luigi Cozzi
Francesca Ciardi
Me Me Lai

Anyone apart from me going?

Kevin Coed:
Siân and myself are likely to be going, babysitter permitting.


--- Quote from: Jonny on 20 Aug 2014 - 18:43 ---Anyone apart from me going?

--- End quote ---

I'll be down


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