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Anyone seen any of this yet? It's started on Sky Atlantic as far as I'm aware, can't find any decent quality copies out there yet with English subs though.

Yeah I've tried to no avail. Luckily I have Sky so have it backed up, I'll look into ripping from a sky box but it maybe too tech for me.

It's really good btw

I've been recording it on Sky, but not had chance to watch it. Might save them all and watch them in one go. When I was in Italy the Italians were raving about it.

It's now very difficult to rip from Sky. Used to have a box that could do it, got lots of cool off air HD recordings.

Inspector Tanzi:
Ordered the Italian set this evening, it has English subtitles on it.

How much was it? Been toying with getting the UK set for £25


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