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Author Topic: Wanted: Finnish VHS ex-rentals  (Read 4350 times)


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Wanted: Finnish VHS ex-rentals
« on: 08 Oct 2014 - 18:39 »

I am looking for these finnish ex-rentals:

Companeros (Nordic Video, either variant)FIx-galleria link

Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (Svenska Walthers) FIx-galleria link
Run, Man, Run (Ratsasta Cochillo, ratsasta) (Svenska Walthers/Cinehollywood)
FIx-galleria link

Incredible Melting Man (Valuva kauhu) (Eldorado) FIx-galleria link
Frankenstein's Island (Frankensteinin saari) (Eldorado) FIx-galleria link

Death Hunt (Kuoleman metsästäjä) (Videotime)FIx-galleria link

It's Nothing Mama, Just a Game (Lola- naisvanki viidakossa) (RH-Video) FIx-galleria link
Terror (Pelko) (RH-Video) FIx-galleria link

Murder Obsession (Himomurhaaja) (Trix) FIx-galleria link
House at the Edge of the Park (Talo puiston perällä) (Trix "meathook cover") FIx-galleria link
Nuns of St. Arcangelo (St. Arcangelon nunnat) (Trix) FIx-galleria link

Street Angels (Kadun enkelit) (Meteor video) FIx-galleria link
Lonely Violent Beach (Kauhujen Ranta) (Meteor video) FIx-galleria link

Blood Sabbath (Paholaisen Morsiamet) (Kolmoskanava) Might not even exist.. FIx-galleria link

Smile Before Death (Hymyile..Sinä kuolet!) (New Movie Produktion) FIx-galleria link
Emmanuelle & Joanna (Emmanuella ja unet) (New Movie Produktion) FIx-galleria link
The Victims (Terrori) (New Movie Produktion) FIx-galleria link
Teresa (New Movie Produktion)FIx-galleria link

Napoli Spara (Väkivallan miehet!) (Star Video)FIx-galleria link
Seeds of Evil aka The Gardener (Paholaisen siemen) (Star video) FIx-galleria link

Cold-Blooded Beast (Kylmäverinen peto) (Curly) Might not even exist.. FIx-galleria link

Offers via PM or to richiedagger at hotmail dot com
..Feel free to offer any other Finnish ex-rentals also!
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