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Giallo Meltdown: A Moviethon Diary

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I humbly submit my book to y'all.

I've been having giallo-themed moviethons since early 2008 and after some encouragement, I decided to turn them into a book. So over 13 chapters, I covered 215 films. The first 5 Giallo Meltdowns are up at my site but the other 8 chapters are all new content. Giallo Meltdown: A Moviethon Diary is by a fan for the fans and I'm super proud of this badboy.

Here's the link:

Here's me talking about finishing the book:

And here are the original moviethons:

And here's the cover.

Cool stuff, looking forward to reading this  :'(

Thanks, Jonny! I hope you dig it.

I ordered it, as well, and-although I haven't read it yet-am really digging what I've thumbed through so far. Funny, informative and very thorough with your choices.  :P


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