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Three more Eurocult books coming - Curti on Valerii, + two peplum books


Bogan the Wanderer:
Just stumbled across this info (and I really should visit this forum more, have no time at all these days [that's what I get for becoming a dad!]).

Roberto Curti’s TONINO VALERII: THE FILMS is coming soon from McFarland.

Forward by Christopher Frayling.  Afterword by Ernesto Gastaldi.  $39.95 softcover (7x10 inches), ca. 40 photos, appendix, filmography, notes, bibliography.

Amazon link here –

Also soon from McFarland – ITALIAN SWORD AND SANDAL FILMS – 1908-1990, by Roy Kinnard and ‘Tony Crnkovich’ (which I’m guessing is a misspelling on the McFarland site, as the co-author talking about his work from this book, quoted below, is Casey someone.  Softcover, same price and size as the above volume, 100 photos, appendix, index, 277 pages.

Amazon link is here  -

For the peplum book - “The book is formatted as a filmography with titles entered alphabetically. There's a silent section dating all the way back to 1908 with the bulk of the book devoted to the peak years from 1958-1965. Whenever possible we've included extensive cast and credit information, as well as commentary regarding production history, critical reception, etc. No principals were interviewed, but there are some interesting anecdotes we were able to dig up. The book is heavily illustrated with rarely seen photos (both beefcake and cheesecake), posters and lobby cards. Since many of the films have recently become available on DVD in restored, widescreen editions, we cited these titles along with their distributors. We found, much to our dismay, that in order to literally cover every single film in this prolific genre - including spinoffs, crossover genres and even soft-core porn - it would necessitate a multi-volume set. We therefore had to go with the most practical approach that still would do justice to a heretofore neglected, but nevertheless important part of cinema history.”

After the above was announced on the Classic Horror Film Board (which I visit maybe once a year) the folks from Midnight Marquee noted –

“Congratulations Casey! 

Your book will most likely be the first book to cover the Italian peplums, but Midnight Marquee Press won't be far behind.  In early 2017 we will be publishing Barry Atkinson's HEROES NEVER DIE! THE ITALIAN PEPLUM PHENOMENON: 1950-1967. 

And even though we will mainly cover these 17 years, the book provides historic background and covers influential pre-peplums. This book will be among our largest (thickest) ever and will be illustrated with color photos/posters on every page.  We welcome another book on the subject and perhaps both our books will provide due justice to this largely ignored sub-genre.

Fans will be getting a double treat and I could not be happier.”

I have now popped these on my long list of books to eventually buy and stick on the shelf to admire the spines without ever having much time to read them.   :(


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