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Author Topic: Exhumed  (Read 2915 times)


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« on: 02 Apr 2015 - 12:39 »

No Idea if this is the first thing Exhumed have released or not, but they have a DVD-R of the rare Paul Naschy thriller EL HUERTO DEL FRANCES, sourced from a tape master.   I have only seen tv broadcasts of this title, and don't; think there was ever a Spanish VHS, maybe there was one though.  Naschy's son Sergio has provided extras for this, and this was posted @ the Dirty Pictures forum recently, with the poster insisting it's not a bootleg ( I don't see what else you could call this though). 
Here is a cover scan and a google mangle of the German language post from DP:

Paul Naschy's acclaimed true-crime drama, "El Huerto del Frances," now appeared in a "semi-official" DVDr version. Previously, he was released only as an ultra rare Spanish videotape. 1977 produced by "Laro movie," the rights seem deserted today. It is also unclear whether there exists somewhere a usable master. This was probably a beta tape in top condition for use. Paul's son, Sergio Molina has released the blessing, as extras are Naschys scripts and rare photos. Contact: miskatonikvideos@hotmail.com yet again to understand: This disk is NOT to be considered as a bootleg. There is no one who can insist on his rights here. It is preserved only a great movie from eternal nirvana.

Maybe Jose can enlighten us on this one?
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