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Author Topic: 'Phantom of Death' Shameless DVD review  (Read 4126 times)


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'Phantom of Death' Shameless DVD review
« on: 09 Oct 2007 - 09:12 »

Michael York stars as a virtuoso pianist whose youthful body harbors a long dormant disease that is about to manifest itself just as he's beginning to enjoy life. Finding himself starting to age rapidly he seems to find it hard to keep control of his temper and as soon as anyone close to him shows signs of knowing his secret he kicks off big time, loses his rag and murders them. Investigating the murders that follow is Dr Loomis who finds the task of finding the killer maniac harder with every turn as witnesses and evidence keep pointing to a different, older culprit every time. This annoys him a lot culminating in an uncalled for outburst in a busy street "I'll kill you! I'll kill you! You fucking bastard!"  ::)

All this makes for a quite watchable load of hokum, York hams it up to the max delivering long passages of dialog as if he were in a Shakespeare play and being very, very serious. Dr Loomis is his usual self, probably enjoying the paid holiday in Italy no doubt. A huge plus is the ever lovely Edwige Fenech, though sadly she doesn't get her tits out. She's still fit though.

Deodato turns in a decent film with some great arterial spray early on in the form of gushing throat wounds that sadly don't appear again in the final third of the film. It's great to see them in all their uncut glory though and the DVD presentation on the whole is just dandy. The same 6 trailers that appear on 'The New York Ripper' DVD are present on this one plus the trailer for the titular feature too. Picture and sound are both great, with the main feature sporting a nice 16:9 enhanced transfer making this DVD the definitive release so far.

For those of you who are more technically minded I've made a graph

Overall a solid release, uncut for the first time, correct aspect ratio and a great price to boot.  :'(


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Re: 'Phantom of Death' Shameless DVD review
« Reply #1 on: 09 Oct 2007 - 11:54 »

Good review, Jonny. PHANTOM OF DEATH is a purely enjoyable flick, eh? It's funny because it starts much like a giallo but becomes a lot more make-up effects driven, as the film goes on – maybe Deodato thought that the only way for the giallo to be resurrected during the 80s was by combining the elements with that of the gore flicks popularised in America at that time. I think it's an interesting little film.
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