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Author Topic: A Man Called Magnum / Napoli si ribella (Michele Massimo Tarantini, 1977)  (Read 15929 times)


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This is a classic case of how bad dubbing can affect the overall enjoyment of a film, if it wasnt for the italian track and english subs then this would be a total washout, as it is i quite enjoyed it.


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I haven't quite finished this movie yet (I only have a 30 minute lunch break, so it takes me 4 or 5 days to watch a whole movie), but I have to say this film may contain the best death by dynamite scene in the history of motion pictures.

Cardiac Tom

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Watching this right now...normally I will watch a film in English first, then watch it again in its original language with subs...I should have reversed the order...pretty bad on the dub...

I'm at 20 minutes in and I dig the tune that's on...pretty damn catchy!
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